Native Plants of Oregon

If you’re already planning your landscaping projects for 2016, you might be considering utilizing native plants. Did you know that Oregon is home to over 3600 native species?

What are considered native plants?

The United States National Arboretum defines a native plant as “A native plant is one that occurs naturally in a particular region, ecosystem, or habitat without direct or indirect human intervention.”

Why would you use native plants in your yard?

Native plants are adapted to the climate and are naturally resistant to native pests and diseases. They require less water and need no chemical applications for them to thrive. Using native plants can reduce the amount of pollution in stormwater runoff to our waterways.

What would you consider when choosing native plants?

According to the Native Plant Society of Oregon, the first thing you should consider is your ecoregion. Then, you’ll want to consider the growing conditions in your yard. What’s the soil type? Is your yard shaded or in full sunlight? This will help you determine the types of plants that will best grow in these conditions.

Where can you find a list of native plants?

The best list we’ve come across for native plants is from the City of Portland. Here’s a link to a brochure that they put together. It’s a comprehensive list and provides a list of resources as well.

For more information about Native plants, we recommend checking out these resources:

Native Plant Society of Oregon – This organization is dedicated to the conservation of native plants and flora.