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In the landscape and garden supply business for 30 years, Best Buy In Town is the place to go for unbeatable deals on a wide variety of products for landscape supply in Portland, Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Aloha, Bethany, Hillsboro, or Rock Creek.

Although we are most well-known for our mulch, soil, rock and bark dust in Portland, Oregon, that is not all that Best Buy Garden Supply sells.

We are also a convenient, one stop shop for all your landscaping and gardening needs!

Other landscaping and gardening products that we carry:

Water Feature, Water Fountain Pumps: Our fountain pumps come in different sizes and water output rates to fit your bubbler rock, pond, water fountain, or water feature project. 

Pond Liner: BBIT’s pond liner is grade A quality, with the proper thickness and durability for lining your pond.  Just come in, and we will gladly help you calculate exactly how much you need, measure it out, cut it, and put it in your vehicle for you!

Spikes: These spikes are specifically designed to work perfectly with our pond liner, holding it in place exactly where you need it.

Weed Fabric: Once our landscape fabric is laid out and stapled in place, it does a sensational job of keeping the weeds down.  Install the weed fabric, top it with fresh soil, and plant your sod or garden.  Save yourself multiple headaches by nipping the weed problem in the bud!

Fabric Staples: Our fabric staples are designed to hold your weed fabric securely in place.

Fertilizer: We carry a few different types of fertilizer.  Our fertilizer will work for your lawn, yard, or garden.  We can recommend the one that is best for your particular project and estimate how much you will need.

Turf Mulch: We recommend that you spread this mulch over freshly laid grass seed to promote lawn growth.  It is also an effective soil additive for gardening purposes.

Weed Killer: BBIT carries a product similar to Roundup that really gets the job done!

Peat Moss: This is a natural soil amendment that is useful for multiple gardening purposes.  Peat Moss is widely used for improving soil’s water retention capacity, fostering a plant’s root health, stimulating soil nutrient retention, improving ground aeration, promoting soil drainage, and loosening up overly compacted soil.  It comes in 3.4 cubic foot bags.

Lime: Our lime comes pre-bagged, ready to be laid atop fresh grass seed or mixed into your preexisting soil.  Overall, it will help to encourage growth in your yard or garden.

Gloves: We carry only high quality gloves, available in several styles and sizes.

Saw Blades: Best Buy in Town now carries saw blades, which can be used for cutting pavers and retaining wall blocks.  They will also cut flagstone for pathways, walkways, patios, and retaining walls.

Polymeric Sand: When installed between the seams and joints of pavers and patio stone, polymeric sand does a phenomenal job of holding the pathway, walkway, or patio in place by essentially interlocking the pavers or patio stone.  Secondary benefits of using polymeric sand include greater stability and resiliency of your patio or pathway, making it last longer and sustain less damage.  Our polymeric sand also stops weeds before they even get started, keeping them from growing in between the pavers and patio stone.  It discourages ants from accumulating on your pathway or patio and resists potential washout during extreme rain or flooding.

Polymeric Stone Dust or Gator Dust: This product has the exact same features as our polymeric sand.  However, it is made specifically for use in between flagstone, when creating a flagstone walkway, pathway, or patio.

Snap Edge: Our snap edge works wonderfully as an edge restraint that surrounds pavers, driveways, patios, or lawns.



Our Primary Products and Services Include:

Bark, Mulch & Chips


Soil Amendment & Compost

Yard Waste Recycling Center


Retaining Walls


Sod & Grass Seed



Do you have questions?  Give us a call, and we’ll gladly assist you.