Decorative Rock

Best Buy in Town has been providing the Portland, Oregon Metro Area with decorative rock for 30 years.  We offer our customers the largest selection of decorative rock, stone, boulder rock, and gravel in Portland.  With colorful decorative rocks ranging in size from about 3/8”-18,” Best Buy Landscape Supply has just what you’re looking for.

BBIT stocks an impressive array of colorful rock.  Our decorative stone comes in the following colors: red, blue, grey, silver, black, tan, pink, purple, champagne, green, brown, gold, salmon, rust, ash, plum, mica, lavender, terra cotta, camel, orange, amber, and black & white (salt & pepper).

Certainly, we have the best buy in town for all your decorative rock needs.

Some of our Most Popular Decorative Rock Options Include:

Montana Rainbow Pea Gravel: At about 3/8, this tiny and colorful gravel is one of our most popular decorative rock items.  This pea gravel comes in a combination of pink, purple, blue, grey, and white.

Montana Rainbow Round Rock: Available in 1/4”-3/4” and 3/4”-1.25,” this is likely our most popular decorative rock.  Like the Montana Rainbow Pea Gravel, these round rocks are pink, purple, blue, grey, and white.

Montana Rainbow Softball Cobbles: With an average size of 4”-6,” this rock lays wonderfully in and around creeks, water features, and ponds.  This size comes in the same colors as all the other Montana Rainbow rocks.

Montana Rainbow Big BouldersAt about 12”-18,” these are some of the most breathtaking boulder rocks you will see in the Pacific Northwest.  These boulders come in the same color combination as all the other Montana Rainbow rocks.

Montana Rainbow Crushed Rock: Sized at 1/4”-1/2,” this is one of the nicest gravels or crushed stone products you will ever find.  Make a colorful pathway that will delight you with every step!

Canadian Crushed White Rock: This white decorative rock, available in 3/8”-1/2” and 1/2”-1.5,” will make your yard or garden look sharp.

Champagne Crushed Rock: Available in 3/8”-1/2” and 1/2”-1.5,” this yellow-orange decorative rock will add character to your yard or garden.

Green Crushed Rock:  Best Buy Garden Supply’s green rock will be a pleasant addition to your yard or garden.

Red Lava Rock:  A unique rock option, our red lava rock works well as an alternative to bark or ground cover.  It is also worth noting that this rock is abrasive to slugs.

S & P Granite: BBIT’s Salt and Pepper Granite comes in 3/8”-1/2” and 1/2”-1.5.” This white and black crushed rock will certainly add a nice touch to your yard or garden.

Colorful Flagstone:  To take a look at some of our fantastic flagstone options.  Our flagstone is available in blues, greens, and lavenders, just to name a few!

Boulder Rock:  There is not a bolder accent for your yard or garden than one of our large and attractive boulder rocks.

Fountain Rock, Bubbler:  Installing a water feature or pond in your yard?  BBIT’s Fountain Rock will really make a splash!