Medium/Fine Brown Fir Bark Mulch

If you are looking for a dark colored bark dust or mulch that is very affordable and capable of suppressing weeds and promoting the retention of moisture, you should look no further than our Medium/Fine Brown Fir Bark Mulch.

Maybe you are a contractor who needs to spruce up a yard before putting a home on the market.

Perhaps you’d like to dress up your yard prior to renting your home.

If your house is in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Beaverton, Aloha, Cedar Hills, Rock Creek, Bethany, or Hillsboro, Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply has just what you need for the job.

Best Buy Garden Supply’s brown fir mulch is fantastic for 3 specific uses:

  1. Keeping weeds down
  2. Holding/retaining moisture in the soil
  3. Providing a well kept appearance

However, please keep this in mind…

Attention parents and dog or cat owners:

*All Fir Barkdust Products can and do cause Slivers and Splinters. If this is a concern, we suggest one of our Hemlock Bark Products:

Fine Dark Hemlock

Medium/Fine Red Hemlock

Medium/Fine Brown Hemlock

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