Bubbler, Fountain Rock

Attention: All our friends in and around the Portland, Oregon Metro Area Wouldn’t you like to make your yard look better than you ever imagined was possible?

Best Buy Landscape Supply has a few intriguing options.

You could put in some of our fresh Bark Nuggets or Cedar Woodchipsor a gorgeous Flagstone pathway along freshly laid Sod.  You could take home some of our unbeatable, 100% organic Super Grow Soil Blend™ and plant a stunning and sustainable flower, vegetable, and fruit garden that will look fantastic and feed the family.

If you really want to add beauty to your yard, consider Best Buy in Town Garden Supply’s incomparable bubblers.

These natural rocks are perfect for installing an exquisite water feature or pond of your very own.  With a hole drilled through the center of the natural stone, Best Buy in Town’s Fountain Rock is very attractive and is highly practical due to our outstanding prices.  The fountain rock is sold by the foot—measuring from the top to the bottom of the pre-drilled hole in the center of the rock.

Establishing a very distinguished tone for your yard, our bubblers are often utilized as the centerpiece of a garden fountain or water feature.  They also look extraordinary when grouped together and can be arranged to create your own pond!

There is something magical and soothing about watching and listening to water flow out continuously from a rock, glistening in the sun and flowing down into a pool of its own making.

That is why countless people throughout history have been so enamored with waterfalls.  Why not add a beautiful waterfall to your own yard to enjoy every day?

Best Buy in Town Garden Supply has everything that you need to complete any of these water feature projects.  We provide the bubbler rock, water pump/fountain pump, and pond liner.  We would be happy to walk you through the process of designing and installing your water feature or pond.

BBIT’s Most Popular Bubbler, Fountain Rock Color Options:

  • Basalt (grey)
  • Granite
  • Green
  • Pink
  • White