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Back in 1984, Tim and Anne were stuck between a rock and a hard place (please ignore the incidental rock pun).  Almost immediately after getting married and purchasing their first home, the company for which Tim worked at the time went under.  In financial disarray and with hefty payments to be made on the house, he concocted a plan.  He would start up a landscape supply company to serve the finest landscaping and gardening products in the Portland Metro Area.

Burning through the last of his savings, Tim purchased a 1972 Ford pickup and a shovel.  He started hand loading his truck with manure compost from Alpenrose Dairy.  Talk about humble beginnings!  After gaining some traction, he began to make the drive to Albina Fuel, get loaded with bark, and deliver it to customers’ homes on an order-by-order basis.  Realizing that the intensity of the work he was doing was growing to be too much, Tim took out a loan in order to buy a small, used Bobcat loader.

Tim and Anne searched for a suitable location for their business and eventually found a one-acre vacant lot located at Canyon Road and Highway 217 in Beaverton.

By this time, Tim had expanded his products beyond simply bark and compost.  He also started to sell round rock, gravel, and river sand.  His first office was as primitive as they come, consisting of a small folding table, a chair, a phone, and a mailbox nailed to a telephone pole.  At night, Tim would climb up his loader and lock the phone in the mailbox about 10 feet up the telephone pole.

After one month, Tim and Anne moved their business operations into a travel trailer office in the same location and bought an old, used flatbed dump truck. By the next year, they had built a shed for the office.

Not long after constructing the shed office, the owner of the property decided that he was going to develop the lot (where the Kohl’s is currently located in Beaverton); Tim and Anne were forced to find another location for Best Buy Landscape Supply.

They eventually found an old nursery building on Amberwood in Hillsboro in December of 1988.  After renovating the building, Tim and Anne began to stock the larger lot with many more products. They also started accepting and recycling yard debris for the first time.

Then, in October of 1998, they purchased the building on Cornelius Pass, BBIT’s current location, allowing for more product inventory and more delivery and bark blowing equipment than before.

Best Buy in Town has grown ever since, offering the greater Portland Metro Area the most affordable prices on the largest selection of high quality landscape supply and gardening products.

33 years in, you are invited to join the story.

Come on out and support a fine family business with local connections, providing regular support to community non-profits.  Best Buy in Town has a rich history of bringing beauty and pizzazz to yards and gardens all around Portland, Oregon.


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