Sliverless* Medium Fine Red Hemlock Bark Mulch

Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply is the place to go for unbeatable prices on Medium/Fine Red Hemlock Bark Dust, Mulch in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area,Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Aloha, Bethany, Hillsboro, and Rock Creek.

Medium/Fine Red Hemlock Bark is easily one of the most popular choices for homeowners when choosing which barkdust in Portland, OR to use in their yard.

Best Buy Landscape Supply’s Medium/Fine Fresh Red Hemlock Bark Dust, Mulch consistently meets the Portland, Oregon Metro Area homeowner’s needs.

Here’s how…

Our Medium/Fine Red Hemlock:

  1. Is Sliverless*, making it an excellent choice if you have children or pets.
  2. Makes your yard look fresh and clean.
  3. Is easily spreadable, with a medium-to-fine consistency.

*Hemlock barkdust has minimal slivers compared to fir barkdust.