Soil Amendment & Compost

In the entire Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Hillsboro, Rock Creek, Beaverton, Aloha, Cedar Hills, and Bethany, you will not find a better provider for all of your manure compost, garden compost, soil amendment, pumice, and mushroom compost (with peat moss).  Best Buy Landscape Supply has it all!

 Have Your Pick of These Portland Composts

Power Mulch

Power Mulch is one of the most effective composts available.  It is a clean, fine, nitrogen-rich cow manure-based compost mulch that rapidly boosts soil productivity.

Mushroom Compost

Utilizing wheat straw, horse bedding, chicken manure, gypsum (mineral), alfalfa seed screenings, peat moss, and sugar beat lime, Best Buy Garden Supply has crafted a unique compost blend, Mushroom Compost.  It is an organic and exceptional soil amendment!

Organic Chicken Manure

Our Chicken Manure is not only certified organic and environmentally friendly, but also, it is packed with slow release micronutrients and essential nutrients.  It is a weed-free soil amendment that is great for lawns, gardens, vegetables, fruit, and more.  Best Buy in Town’s Chicken Manure is conveniently available in 40 lb. bags in pellet form.  ­­­

Garden Compost

Perhaps you are searching for the most affordable soil amendment to boost the effectiveness of your current topsoil.  While this is not our most powerful garden soil amendment, it will still do a great job of assisting plant growth and erosion control when combined with your soil. It consists of decomposed leaves, branches, and yard debris and is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Certified Organic.

Horticultural Pumice

Best Buy Garden Supply’s Pumice is a natural white pumice rock that assists in soil aeration and drainage. It is perfect for Oregon gardens!  For more information on our Pumice, Click Here.

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