Soil & Topsoil Blends

If you are like most Oregonians, you have plenty of native clay soil in your yard, making it nearly impossible to grow anything but weeds.  If you want to plant a lawn, tree, vegetable or flower garden, look no further than Best Buy Landscape Supply in Portland. Best Buy in Town boasts the largest selection of the highest quality soil and topsoil blends in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Bethany, Cedar Hills, Aloha, Rock Creek and surrounding areas.  Best Buy Landscape Supply has been your one-stop shop for the most organic, nutritious, complete, and effective soils for 30 years!  With 7 soil, topsoil options for the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, we are pleased to offer our customers the best selection in town on the right soils for your particular garden, gardening project, or yard renovation needs.

Created specifically for the weather conditions of the Portland, Oregon Metro Area and after years of research and development, Best Buy In Town is proud to introduce our Super Grow Soil Blend™. This is our superior soil blend, excellent for planting fruit or vegetable gardens and flowers.

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Perhaps you are searching for a soil that will encourage growth in flower gardens, shrubs, trees, or a new a lawn.  Our Landscaper’s Choice Soil Blend™ is a superb mix comprised of Screened Sandy Loam, Garden CompostPower Mulch, 1/4-10 Gravel, and Horticultural Pumice (for drainage and aeration). Since there is a small quantity of river sand in our Landscaper’s Choice Soil, Best Buy recommends that you refrain from using it in vegetable gardens.  If you want organic soil formulated to grow edible veggies and fruit, you will want to use our Super Grow Soil Blend™.  When using our Landscaper’s Choice to seed or sod a lawn, Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply advises that you create a depth of about 4” and apply it evenly in the area needing new grass.

Best Buy Landscape Supply is also pleased to offer our Plant Mix Soil Blend™ as a perfect general planting blend for trees, shrubs, & flowers.  This soil blend is frequently used by landscapers for seeding or sodding lawns.  The Plant Mix Soil Blend consists of: Screened Sandy Loam, Garden Compost, Power Mulch, and 1/4-10 Gravel (for drainage and aeration). Note that this soil blend does not contain pumice (which is an ingredient in our Super Grow Soil Blendand Landscaper’s Choice Soil Blend).

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