Our superb flagstone rock is a customer favorite. This natural paver is used for patios, pathways, walkways, rock gardens, entries, and stepping stones.  Home to the largest selection of flagstone, Best Buy Garden Supply has been the premiere source in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha, Bethany, Cedar Hills, and Rock Creek for the most beautiful, highest quality, and most affordable flagstone rock around for 30 years!

With an impressive inventory of more than 50 different types, varieties, sizes, and colors of flagstone rock, Best Buy in Town will most certainly have the flagstone you are looking for.  On average, our flagstones range from a thickness of 1”-3” and their weight varies significantly depending on the particular rock type.  Generally, any of our flagstone labeled “stand up” flagstone is larger, thicker, taller, and heavier.  Whereas, our “patio” flagstone is normally thinner, smaller, and lighter.  Our “tumbled” flagstone has a smoother finish.  You can haul the flagstone rock yourself, or we will gladly deliver it to your home.

Best Buy Landscape Supply carries about 130 different sizes, types, and colors of rock for your unique yard and garden decoration purposes.

If you are searching for a flat rock flat stone, for a natural paver, or natural patio stone/patio rock to put in a pathway, walkway, or patio—look no further than Best Buy in Town’s unbelievable flag stone selection.

  • Oregon Flagstone Rock is one of Best Buy in Town’s most popular natural path stone choices.  This flagstone is between 1″-3″ thick.  Best Buy Landscape Supply’s Oregon Flagstone is grey with brown and gold highlights, greens, and deep purple.
  • Iron Mountain Flagstone Rock, another one of our most popular natural stones for pathways or walkways, measures about 1″-2″ thick. The rock is black with rusty accents and grey-blue hues.
  • Pennsylvania Blue Bluestone Flagstone Rock, about 1.5”-2” thick, this rock consists of a blue color with grey tones.
  • Pennsylvania Green Bluestone Flagstone Rock, which is 1″-2″ thick, is variegated with shades of blue-green.  The blue and green color combination makes a highly unique and eye-catching stepping stone, pathway, walkway, or patio.
  • Pennsylvania Lavender Bluestone Flagstone Rock is about 1″-2″ in thickness.  It shows hints of lavender within the bluestone’s natural blue and grey backdrop.  The touch of lavender makes this one of Best Buy Garden Center’s more intriguing rock choices.  This rock is truly a standout in the yards and gardens of Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.
  • Pennsylvania Tumbled Bluestone Flagstone Rock, measuring about 1″-2″ thick, this rock is recognizable by its blue and greyish tones.  This particular patio or pathway stone is tumbled in order to provide a beautiful, smooth finish to the rock.
  • Autumn Flagstone Rock measures about 1″-2″ in thickness.  Our Autumn Flagstone displays shades of grey, terra cotta, and brown.  This earthy color combination is great for Oregon gardens.
  • Basalt Thin Split Tumbled Flagstone Rock measures about 1.5” thick and shows various grey hues with hints of terra cotta.  The rock is split and tumbled for a smooth look.
  • Basalt A-split Flagstone Rock, about 1.5”-2” in thickness, is a rough-hewn rock with grey and subtle terra cotta as its primary colors, a great addition to any yard or garden.
  • Blue Mountain Flagstone Rock measures about 1.5″-2″ in thickness.  This rock shows deep rust and gun-metal grey colors with minor veining, making it a great accent piece for your yard or garden.
  • Buckskin Flagstone Rock, measuring around 1.5”-2” thick, is a variegated rock with brown tones as well as some grey and camel coloring.
  • Camas Gray Thin Split Flagstone Rock is approximately 2″-3″ thick and is colored in ash and smoke, streaked with warm terra cotta hues.
  • Chief Cliff Flagstone Rock comes in sizes ranging from nearly 1.5″ to 3″ in thickness.  Showing an intriguing blend of colors, including greys, browns, deep orange, and a hint of deep purple, Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply’s Chief Cliff Flagstone is frequently used for fireplaces.
  • Green Peak Flagstone Rock varies in thickness, depending on whether you want the patio stone or the stand-up vertical stone.  The green color of the rock makes this stone look phenomenal when installing a pathway, walkway, stepping stone path, or patio in your yard or around your garden.  The larger stone, which is capable of standing upright, is an excellent option for walls or fireplaces.
  • Marble Mountain Plum Flagstone Rock also varies in thickness based on whether you are looking for the patio stone or the stand-up vertical stone.  Marble Mountain Plum Flagstone Rock shows greys, terra cotta, and plum colors, and this rock has a slight shimmer.
  • Mauve Flagstone Rock is about 1”-3” in thickness.  This natural stone has a lavender appearance with faint shades of red, purple, and orange.  If you plan to build a fireplace or a wall, you definitely want to consider this flagstone.
  • Montana Prichard Patio Flagstone Rock which measures 1.5″-2″ thick, shows browns, greys, and hints of deep purple.  This attractive stone is a natural choice for a patio, walkway, or rock path.
  • Montana Prichard Premium Flagstone Rock, about 1.5″-2″ thick, shows shades of burnt orange, brown, grey, and blue.
  • Rustic Rocca Flagstone Rock varies in thickness, depending on whether you are interested in patio rock or the stand-up vertical rock.  This stone, so popular in Portland, displays colors of rust, multiple brown shades, amber, greys, and shimmering greys.
  • Salmon Mica Flagstone Rock, about 2″-3″ thick, shows subtle salmon color, streaks of mica, and small amounts of green, and makes a lovely path stone.
  • Sea Shore Patio Flagstone Rock is a brilliant stone with bits of grey, brown and terra cotta showing in the rock.
  • Storm Mountain Charcoal Mica Flagstone Rock measures out to 1″-3″ in thickness.  The colors shown in this rock are rust mixed with amber and ash shades.