Wall Rock

If you are from Portland, Beaverton, Aloha, Cedar Hills, Hillsboro, Rock Creek, or surrounding areas in Oregon—Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply is the place to go for wall rock and natural wall stones.

We always keep a large inventory of wall rock on hand, and our prices are unbeatable.

Best Buy Garden Supply’s Wall Rock is best utilized when putting in a natural rock wall in your yard.  Our natural wall stone looks phenomenal when placed in your garden as a decoration or rock feature.  Additionally, our wall rock works beautifully when used in or around waterfalls, water fountains, or water features.

We maintain an unparalleled selection of natural wall rock year-round which includes a diversity of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Some of our most popular wall rock choices are:

  • Black Basalt Wall Rock is a one to two man-sized rock.  Its color ranges from dark grey to black.
  • Camas Grey Basalt Wall Rock is a one to two man-sized rock which shows certain shades of grey with a few blue variations and light lavenders.
  • Emerald Green Wall Rock is comprised of dark green tones throughout the rock.  These are one to two man-sized rocks as well (around 14″-28″).
  • Silver Falls Wall Rock displays light to dark brown, shades of greys and silvers, charcoal, and amber.  This is also a one to two man-sized natural wall stone.