Yard Debris Recycling

Have you been working in your yard, pulling out weeds, tearing out your lawn, pruning trees, or raking your yard clean of leaves?

Maybe you just finished a construction project and need to get rid of your construction wood, wood debris, concrete, rock or rubble.

Whatever the case may be, we all have to drop off our yard waste, yard debris, garden debris, and construction debris somewhere.

Your Resource For Yard Debris Recycling in Portland

For over 26 years, we have been providing our customers with a recycling center where they can bring their yard debris, sod, fill dirt, construction debris, and more! With our unbeatable prices and helpful service, we’re the best choice for your debris recycling needs.

When dropping off your debris for recycling, check out the great prices of our huge selection of landscape materials and supplies.

For our customers in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, our Best Buy Recycle Center meets these important criteria:

  1. Affordable:Whether you are recycling dirt, sod, rubble, wood, grass, yard waste, or yard debris, you want your recycling center to have reasonable rates.
  2. Renewable: Being from Portland, you know the significance of renewable practices, recycling, and “going green.” That’s why we’re here–drop off your yard waste, and after the composting process, a premium garden compost has been produced.
  3. Efficient: You want to get in, pay, dump, and get out quickly.

*We serve the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Beaverton, Cedar Hills, Aloha, Rock Creek, Hillsboro, and Bethany.

Questions about our Yard Debris Recycling?