Boulder Rock is a beautiful product of nature that looks outstanding in Portland, Oregon area yards and gardens.  This is especially true of Best Buy in Town’s Boulders.  What better way is there to set your yard or garden apart from the neighbors’ than to accent it with boulder rock from BBIT?

Best Buy Garden Supply’s boulders are not only decorative, but also very effective traffic or vehicle barriers (perhaps at the entrance or the exit of a private driveway).  Also, a few boulder stones go a long way in framing your yard.

Our boulder stone also looks incredible when placed in or around water features, waterfalls, or ponds.  On average, a boulder from Best Buy Landscape Supply weighs between 400 to 1,200 pounds.

Our Most Popular Boulders

  • Camas Large Boulders showing light to dark grey, are one to two man-sized boulders (18″-36″).
  • Black Basalt Large Boulders display colors ranging from dark grey to black (18”-36”).
  • Mossy Rock Big Boulders are mossy, lichen-covered, beautiful accent boulders.  Use these boulder rocks to set off your private driveway or to frame your yard or garden.