Bark Blowing, Mulch Installation

Besides offering the best buy in town on all mulch products, bark and bark dust in Portland, OR with the highest quality customer service around—we now provide a convenient service to our customers.  Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply now offers Bark Dust, Bark, and Mulch Blowing (Installation) to our customers in the Portland, Oregon Metro Area, Beaverton, Aloha, Cedar Hills, Rock Creek, Hillsboro, Bethany and surrounding areas.

All you have to do is:

1. Decide what kind of bark or mulch you want to have installed.

2. Calculate how many yards you will need, using our brand new Yard & Ton CalculatorNote: We recommend adding a couple extra yards to the estimated yardage for installations to ensure that you will not need to pay for a second delivery.  There is a 1 unit installation minimum.

 To calculate, use our handy landscape supply calculator.

 3. Call us at (503) 645-6665

 and we will schedule a time for your mulch/barkdust blowing (installation).

4. Prepare your yard just before we arrive by: marking/covering anything you don’t want covered with barkdust (such as: sprinklers, irrigation boxes, flowers, plants, etc.).  Thoroughly clean up your yard, removing all weeds and making sure that your ground is level.  Turn off your air conditioning unit, close all doors, garage doors, and windows.  If you have a pond or waterfall, turn it off and expect some dust to get on it (we’ll do our best to clean it off once we are done).

**Note on Post Install Clean Up:  For clean up after the installation, our crew uses high-powered backpack blowers.  It usually works well.  However, if it has just rained or if your sprinklers recently cycled through–the excess dust from the operation is likely to stick to unwanted areas (such as driveways, siding, and so on).  In this instance, the backpack blowers are not strong enough to remove that particular bark or soil or compost.  Typically, after a couple of good rains, it will wash off naturally.  If you do not want to wait for the rain — or to clean it up yourself, please notify our sales staff while placing the order, and we can accommodate by scheduling extra time for our crew to do additional water clean up utilizing your existing hose and nozzle.  Simply ask our sales staff to cover and explain the extra charges and the logistics of this new clean up service.  Thank you!**