Super Grow Blend Topsoil

Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply knows exactly what it takes to promote growth in your yard—especially in your garden.

After much trial and error and countless hours of mixing organic soil blends in conjunction with years of grow tests and test gardens, Best Buy in Town Garden Supply has developed our Super Grow Soil Blend™.

The most organic gardening soil in Portland, Best Buy’s Super Grow Soil Blend™ is uniquely designed for the weather conditions of the Portland area.  Your fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs will thrive in our Super Grow Soil Blend™.

The following is the ingredient breakdown of our Super Grow Topsoil:

The secret to the unbeatable growing power of our Super Grow Soil Blend™ is the quality of each ingredient, mixed to the exact proportions to create this super topsoil.  Best Buy Garden Supply refuses to use anything but the finest organic and environmentally friendly composts, loams, mulches, and pumice in all of our products—especially our Super Grow Soil Blend™.