Compost vs. Mulch

Compost vs. mulch. Both are great for your yard and garden, but how are they different? When would it be appropriate to use compost and when should you use mulch? We get this question often here at Best Buy In Town Landscape Supply. In this post, we’ll walk you through the basic of compost and mulch and when you should consider using one over the other or both at the same time.

Best Buy In Town Portland-Garden-CompostWhat is compost?

In another blog post about topsoil, we talked a little bit about compost as well. Basically, compost is plant and animal matter that is broken down into fertilizer by bacteria and fungi that are present in the air. Compost is commonly used to amend topsoil and replenish the soil with organic matter and nutrients that are vital for plant growth.

Best Buy In Town Landscape Supply offers several types of compost to suit whatever your needs may be.

  • Garden Compost -This certified organic compost is made from yard debris, leaves and branches. This affordable soil amendment isn’t the most powerful amendment, but it will still give your soil an added boost.
  • Organic Chicken Manure – Conveniently available in pellet form in 40 pound bags, this certified organic compost is rich in nutrients and is great for fruit, gardens, lawns, vegetables and much more.
  • Mushroom Compost – We have created a unique soil amendment that is made from chicken manure, alfalfa seed screenings, lime, wheat straw and gypsum that is organic and a great soil amendment.
  • Power Mulch – This cow-manure based compost is rich in nitrogen that will give your soil an immediate boost.

What is mulch?

Mulch is material such as wood chips that is laid over the soil. Common applications of mulch include walkways, playgrounds, installing around plants and shrubs. It’s also used in gardens to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Best Buy In Town Landscape Supply offers many different types of mulches to suite your needs. Our most popular include:

  • Fine Dark Hemlock  – This is popular because its dark look integrates very well with soil. You can’t really tell the difference.
  • Sliverless Medium/Fine Red Hemlock Mulch – This is picked right off of the hemlock tree. It’s popular because it is sliverless, which makes it ideal if you have pets and children.
  • Medium/Fine Dark Hemlock –  Is also sliverless and blends very well with your soil.

You can opt to haul the materials yourself or have mulch and compost delivered in the Portland Metro Area and blown-in by Best Buy In Town Landscape Supply. If you’re ready to order, be sure to check out our how to order page for more detailed instructions.